Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"Obama & State School Leaders Want Facebook Unblocked in Classrooms!"
by Gary Stager talks about how Barack Obama wants to unblock internet access to things like Facebook and other social networking sites. I personally think this is a good topic to think about but it is a bad idea because it will just never work. If facebook is allowed in classrooms then kids will get carried away and start messaging their friends and looking up things they shouldn't and I feel like that would cause more problems and take away from the kid's time to learn. And if teachers say that it is fun and it helps them learn better and every student will want to participate then they should spend a day in my English class and see how many students in there want to "learn". This effects the world because I am sure teachers all over the world are either trying or not trying to make this available in school and that could be causing some problems. This effects my community because if the school board in my district approves this then a lot of schools will be teaching in a new way. And this effects me because education is the most important thing and if the style of teaching changes halfway through my school career then that could effect how I learn and how I understand things and schools should not take that risk.

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