Thursday, February 11, 2010


"Students Helping Students" by professor Wesch shows a video of students from Kansas State University helping out random people on the first day of school. They do things like give people walking by money, paying for people's lunches and textbooks, helping people get parked, and even helping people walk across the street. There needs to more random acts of kindness like this in the world because I never really see much of it but this video reminds me that there is. Students gave up a lot of their money just so they can carry out these random acts of kindness to help other people.


For my action plan I am going to write to an organization that focuses on stopping global warming and taking action through videos, marches, handouts, ect. I will contact them through and I will try to get involved by doing what I can to inform more people about the affects and causes of global warming.


"Play 60? Not in th USA!" by Gary Stager is a very important problem that is effecting the entire nation. This article talks about a video where Barack Obama catches a pass from Drew Brees in front of the White House while running around with a lot of kids and it says that kids need to get an hour of play a day to cut back on obesity. The only problem is that kids don't have as much time anymore because recesses are getting shorter, home work is more abundant, and technology like computers are distracting them. More and more schools are cutting time out of recess so there will be more time for school work. Some schools are also cutting back on gym class and not making gym a requirement. I am lucky because I play sports so I get a few hours of play a day but not every kid plays sports so they need to find time to play but schools are making it seem like they are preventing that. Physical health is way more important than the loads of school work kids get everyday and once schools start realizing that, then childhood obesity will drop dramatically.


"Six Needy Families Recieve Christmas Gifts" by Natavillage is the type of story I really like to hear. Six families in the Nata village in Batswana, Africa recieve Christmas presents from donations all over the world. Presents such as clothes, stuffed animals, supplies, and more. This really makes me happy because these families don't have any of the priviledges we do in America and other places and I like to see people who don't have as much getting what they deserve and still being thoughtful to everyone else. Right noew my family is having a hard time getting money and paying the bills because of the recession but we have it far better than the people in Africa and this village and they appreciate everything they have, expensive or not.


"Laptops are a waste of time and money" by Dr. Warschauer talks about the debate of whether laptops are useful or just time consuming and a waste of money. I believe that in certain situations, laptops can be very helpful but in other situations, pen and paper is the better choice. If someone is working on a long paper a few pages long, they should use a computer because it is more efficient and they won't lose track of their work. However, if your teacher is planning on doing a little assignment, it is better to use pen and paper because you can access it quicker and it would be faster than typing. Dr. Warschauer has a very good point but I still don't belive that they are a waste of money or time but they should be used on occasion to be more efficient.

Monday, February 1, 2010


"Do Grown-Ups Learn" by David Warlick talks about how everyone learns different things when they are growing up in school, but when we get a career, we stop learning various things and only learn what the job tells people to do. I think this is very bad because if people focus on one thing all the time, then they forget a lot of important things. So what this means is that adults who have tidious careers should do something in their off time to keep their sane state of mind. They also should make sure they don't forget the important things they learned in high school and in college.


In "No Choice" by Will Richardson, the article talks about how students in most schools do not have a choice weather to use technology or not. I believe that students should have a choice because students learn better in some ways than they do in others and they might not be as good at typing than they are at writing with pen and paper. This story is similar to the "Keyboard Vs Pen" which asks the question wich way of writing is more efficient. Everyone says that you are going to need to know how to use technology when your older, but even then I still think people should have a choice.