Sunday, September 27, 2009


"This Would Be Really Weird" by David Warlick is very intersting in the fact that it might change a lot of things for a while. This article says that women are starting to equal men in work by representing almost 50% of America's workforce. This is happening mainly as a cause from the recession because the type of jobs that women are going for are not being affected as much from the economy. Another factor that David stated was that the majority of graduates to come out of college are women and that sets them up a lot better for future jobs. I think this will change society but only for a little because after the recession ends the number of men in the work force will go up close to where it was before.


"Who Ya Gonna Call" by Karl Fisch is just another example on how technology is helping us in our daily lives. This article says that a business teacher from our own Arapahoe Highschool, Caroline Orf, used Facebook to find a man who she went to college with. This man has started a few companies and she wanted him to talk to her class about entrepreneurship and starting businesses. But this man is not going to be in the class, he is going to skype into the class through the computer which is just another way Mrs. Orf is using technology in this situation. I think many more teachers and students should be using technology in a productive way like this one.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Michael Wesch's video, "A Vision Of Students Today" is both similar and different to Karl Fisch's "Did You Know 4.0". Both of the videos talk about how technology affects people and how we are using technolgy for better and worse. "A Vision Of Students Today" focuses more on how technology is affecting indivdual people. Such as college students who focus too much on their Facebook page, or their email, instead of their work. "Did You Know 4.0" really stresses upon the point that technology is making a huge impact on society and the world. This video states that people have access to lots of technology such as web pages, iphone apps, radio stations, and cable t.v networks. And I believe with more of these items we have access to, the more information we are recieving. In Wesch's video, students are using computers for doing assignments instead of the traditional pen and paper. That means that old uses of even going through school are changing and I think that doing that is a lot more effecient.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my pick

"A Vision Of Students Today" by Michael Wesch talks about education and how technolgy both helps and hurts our ability to learn. The students at Michael Wesch's University gathered data and statistics at their school and they came up with very interesting facts. One student said that her average class size is 115 students and that only 18% of her teachers know her name. What that means to me is that there is not enough hands on interaction and that if a student doesn;t understand something then it will be harder to get one on one help. Another student said that she will read 8 books in a year. But she also said that she will read 2300 web pages and 1281 facebook profiles. If she traded the time she spent reading facebook profiles and web pages for reading books then she could have read a lot more. And I think that reading books is way more important. Some of the students agree that they only get seven hours asleep a night. I think one cause for that deprivation is because teachers are giving out assignments to do on computers which might take longer than doing an assignment out of a book. And with all the things that students have do to makes it neccessary to multi task which can make the work less quality. All of these things and more is what is happening to a lot of students in America I believe with technology it is going to get worse.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Karl Fisch's "Did You Know 4.0" is similar to his other vidoes in the way that he is talking about how technolgy is changing the world. In this video, he states that Americans have access to 1,000,000,000,000 web pages, 65,000 Iphone apps, 10,500 radio stations, 5,500 magazines, and 200 + cable tv networks. What this means to me is that people are being exposed to a lot more information than they were without these resources. The next thing the video said was that traditional advertising like bill boards, newspapers, and magazines has been going down and digital advertising such as phones and computers has gone up which means we are changing the way we get our ideas to people. And even our government leaders are using technology. for example the video said that In Feburary 2008, John McCain raised 11 million dollars for his U.S presidential bid. But Barack Obama didn't use fund raisers, he used online social networks to raise 55 million dollars in that same month. This all means that technology is here and we have to decide weather to use it or not.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


"The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson talks all about how technology like computers, cell phones, and television are effecting our ability to be literate and to write long paragraphs. This article is similar in some ways to Mr.Fisch's and Dr. Wesch's videos in the way that they are all talking about how technology effects our lives. The video "Shift Happens" was mainly talking about how technolgy is changing the whole world rather to "The New Literacy" which talked about how technolgy is changing people on a more individual stand point. And the video "The Machines are us/ing us" was about how doing things through a computer is better than doing things by hand. That is in some ways similar to Clive Thompson's video because the are both talking about how technology is helping us individually rather than worldwide. That's why I think that Clive Thompson's video and Dr. Wesch's video are more alike than Mr. Fisch's.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Michael Wesch's "The machine is us/ing us" is telling us that everyday we are getting more advanced and that a lot has changed in this last few years.His video says that digital text is a lot more effecient and able to be changed a lot more than text on paper.It also says that before we had all this technolgy we couldn't do a lot of things we can today because of technology. Such as looking up answers to a question or making a link on the internet to your website.And even computers are getting easier to use by not having so many codes to worry about and it is becoming that everyone is in control of the web by having their own website or going on to other websites.The main idea he was trying to get across is that we are the web.