Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In the article "No Choice" by Will Richardson is right about kids needing more technology in the classroom because, from first hand experience it will improve the kids learning habit and environments. Will Richardson describes his kids and how he devotes his time thinking about his kids future. More importantly the future of our kids but it's scary to think what will happen if we don't get more technologicly advanced. The future seems dark if something doesn't change. The children of America need to be properly trained with the right tools for a better tomorrow because thats what jobs will consist of in the future. Technologically will increase the learning environment and habits that occur and will have a national effect.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


"Lesbian Couple Speak Against Boulder Catholic School That Rejected There Kids" by Amy Bounds is a type of story that raises controversy all over the world. The article says that two children of a same sex couple were denied enrolled in a catholic school but they won't stop their belief in the church. This story relates to the world because social sexual segregation happens all over the world and people always have an arguement about same sex marriage. This story does not relate to me but I get tired of all the legal problems it causes just because it makes some people uncomfortable. I am especially mad at this school for not letting the kids get an education because the they don't like the parents situation. I also give a lot of credit to the parents for keeping with the church and the religion even after what they did.


"Hit and Run Driver Returns to Scene of Accident" by Kirk Mitchell is the type of story I see all the time and it reminds me that laws should be a lot more strict on things like drunk driving and reckless driving. the article says that two cars were racing down a road and one of the cars hit a pedestrian, seriously injuring her. The article ends by saying that both of the cars drove away from the scene, leaving the woman there. Now I don't care what people do to have fun, as long as they are not hurting themselves or other people but both drivers knew that they were putting themselves and other people in danger. The thing that makes me mad is that they drove away after the lady got hit and if nobody found her she probably would have died. the reason I say that laws should be more strict is that this was probably not these two driver's first crime commited in a car. So that's why people should get their liscenses taken away so they do not harm other people doing stupid things.


"Climate Change and Global Warming" by Ambreen Salman is a story that I can relate to because I did my position paper on global warming and I undersand what the article is saying. The article talks about how Pakistan is dealing with global warming and the difference between natural cycles of the Earth and man made effects. Pakistan is starting to change their local factories from burning coal, to using natural gases to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. The article also says how global warming is already effecting wildlife in Pakistan. The U.S can relate to this crises because many of our species like the polar bear are losing their habitats and quickly becoming extinct because of our mistakes. Every country in the world should be changing everything that is harmful to the environment to natural things so that we don't put our kids in danger because of what we did wrong.


"Street Named After Cigarette Company" by Mong Palatino talks about how a street in the Phillipines was named after a cigarette company and many health advocates protested. I don't like when I see commercials or bill boards advertise things like beer and cigarettes because I know someone will fall into the pressure and go buy that beer or brand of cigarettes. It is even worse with a street name see it everyday and it will not go away like commercials and bill boards. Also if there are families with children living on the street then the children might feel like cigarettes are okay because it is on a steet sign for everyone to see. If I were living in the Phillipines I would protest against this with the health advocates because it is not sending the right messege to people around that area.