Friday, December 11, 2009


"This Would Be Really Weird" by David Warlick is very intersting in the fact that it might change a lot of things for a while. This article says that women are starting to equal men in work by representing almost 50% of America's workforce. This is happening mainly as a cause from the recession because the type of jobs that women are going for are not being affected as much from the economy. Another factor that David stated was that the majority of graduates to come out of college are women and that sets them up a lot better for future jobs. I think this will change society but only for a little because after the recession ends the number of men in the work force will go up close to where it was before.


The "Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor...Tonsils by Karl Fisch is a perfect example of what most teachers should be doing. This article says that a teacher from Arapahoe High School Maura Moritz had to stay home because her daughter had her tonsils removed. But instead of getting a substitute teacher who doesn't really know what to do or is a push over, she used Skype to connect with the class live. I understand that if a teacher is out of class with an emergency, they can't use Skype. But with this example of taking care of one of their kids, they can find some time to use it. Another benefit of doing this is that when students walk into class and see a substitute teacher, they get a feeling like they can get away with anything and often times they do. Using Skype can cut back on the number of times teachers need substitutes, which will cause less kids getting in trouble.


"Who Ya Gonna Call" by Karl Fisch is just another example on how technology is helping us in our daily lives. This article says that a business teacher from our own Arapahoe Highschool, Caroline Orf, used Facebook to find a man who she went to college with. This man has started a few companies and she wanted him to talk to her class about entrepreneurship and starting businesses. But this man is not going to be in the class, he is going to skype into the class through the computer which is just another way Mrs. Orf is using technology in this situation. I think many more teachers and students should be using technology in a productive way like this one.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"Parker Chihuahua Wins $1 million Cutest Dog Prize" by 9 news is a short article but something at the end of it caught my attention. The article says that a man and his dog won a cutest dog competition and their prize was 1 million dollars! In this economy, 1 million dollars is a huge life saver but instead of keeping the money, the owner of the dog gave all of the money away to charity. Now I will be honest if i won that money I wouldn't give any of it away but this man was kind enough to give it too people who are less fortunate. And in a world where nobody seems to care about anyone but themsleves, this man is changing that with one great act of kindness.


"Denver Council Crafting Regs for Medical Pot Shops" by Christopher N. Osher is a very controversal article that I think should be left alone by civililians and let handled by the government. The topic is should there be a law that makes marijuana legal for medical purposes. I do not think there should be because there will be too many drug addicts getting away with smoking "medical" marijuana when really they are just trying to high. I think the law should stay the same and if you get caught with marijuana you should pay a fine or go to jail.