Friday, December 11, 2009


The "Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor...Tonsils by Karl Fisch is a perfect example of what most teachers should be doing. This article says that a teacher from Arapahoe High School Maura Moritz had to stay home because her daughter had her tonsils removed. But instead of getting a substitute teacher who doesn't really know what to do or is a push over, she used Skype to connect with the class live. I understand that if a teacher is out of class with an emergency, they can't use Skype. But with this example of taking care of one of their kids, they can find some time to use it. Another benefit of doing this is that when students walk into class and see a substitute teacher, they get a feeling like they can get away with anything and often times they do. Using Skype can cut back on the number of times teachers need substitutes, which will cause less kids getting in trouble.

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