Thursday, September 10, 2009


"The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson talks all about how technology like computers, cell phones, and television are effecting our ability to be literate and to write long paragraphs. This article is similar in some ways to Mr.Fisch's and Dr. Wesch's videos in the way that they are all talking about how technology effects our lives. The video "Shift Happens" was mainly talking about how technolgy is changing the whole world rather to "The New Literacy" which talked about how technolgy is changing people on a more individual stand point. And the video "The Machines are us/ing us" was about how doing things through a computer is better than doing things by hand. That is in some ways similar to Clive Thompson's video because the are both talking about how technology is helping us individually rather than worldwide. That's why I think that Clive Thompson's video and Dr. Wesch's video are more alike than Mr. Fisch's.

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