Thursday, February 11, 2010


"Play 60? Not in th USA!" by Gary Stager is a very important problem that is effecting the entire nation. This article talks about a video where Barack Obama catches a pass from Drew Brees in front of the White House while running around with a lot of kids and it says that kids need to get an hour of play a day to cut back on obesity. The only problem is that kids don't have as much time anymore because recesses are getting shorter, home work is more abundant, and technology like computers are distracting them. More and more schools are cutting time out of recess so there will be more time for school work. Some schools are also cutting back on gym class and not making gym a requirement. I am lucky because I play sports so I get a few hours of play a day but not every kid plays sports so they need to find time to play but schools are making it seem like they are preventing that. Physical health is way more important than the loads of school work kids get everyday and once schools start realizing that, then childhood obesity will drop dramatically.

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