Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"Zimbabwe: Technology and the end of dictatorship"
by Ndesando Macha talks about how new technolgy (to Zimbabwe) is starting to end the dictatorship that has ruled that country for a long time. People are going over to Zimbabwe and teaching the people how to use technology such as phones and computers and that seems like it is making civalized life easier to accomplish than with an ak47 and a grenade. I think this is a great idea and this should be happening all over the world especially in third world countries so that violence and poverty can be stopped. The world is moving in the fastest technological advancement ever and I feel like every country should be involved in this new world. However if a country or people feel like they are doing fine with their culture and how they worked then technology should not be forced upon them. This effects the world because if this happens in more places then I believe that is one step closer to world peace. This doesn't really effect my community because we are already caught up with the technology and advancements. This effects me because when I am older I may see this idea happen and I will get to see how it changes the world.

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