Thursday, May 13, 2010


"Report: Fatal shooting by Thornton officer justified"
is about an officer in Thornton who shot and killed a man who they called "disturbed" and who pulled a knife on the officer. I here this story a lot and it is sad that a man had to die but the officer did the right thing because the man could have harmed the officer or other people if he was not shot. I also feel bad for the officer because I know that he will get criticisim from the family of the man and he could also be feeling guilty about it. Policeman all over should act the way this officer did against dangerous people because civilians should feel safe and know that policeman will protect them if there is danger. Although the officer did the right thing, I think that he should have used a taser gun to subdue the man. This matters to the world because people all over the world should feel safe with their police force. This matters to me because this could happen anywhere and I should feel protected by my local police department.

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