Thursday, April 29, 2010


"One Toe Back in the Classroom" by Karl Fisch is a topic that is effecting almost every student at Arapahoe High School. The article talks about the budget cuts that are happening at Arapahoe in which many teachers are being let go. Karl Fisch talks about how he is going to have to teach a section of algebra due to the budget cuts and he explains how that takes away from his other job which is to help students and staff with the new technology that is Arapahoe is embracing. I feel like this isn't a great thing because I always see him running around and coming into my class to help Mrs. Smith so I assume that he is a busy guy and that this teaching job and his old job is going to overwhelm him. It will also overwhelm the teachers when they can't work a computer and they need Mr. Fisch but he is teaching algebra. This effects the world because I am sure these school budget cuts are happening all over and a lot of kids feel the same way I do. This effects the community because the article said that a lot of scools in the area have had to lay of teachers and cut back. This effects me because Fisch frequently came into my class to help with problems and he won't be able to provide a lot of that help anymore.

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