Thursday, April 1, 2010


The article "Parker man suspected of Internet exploitation" is about a man from Parker who used the internet the send obscene material to an underaged girl. I hate these stories because it is really sick and the men who do this have no life other than trying to lure young girls in through the internet. This puts major damage on technology because when kids ask their parents if they can have a laptop, all the parents are going to think about is how dangerous the internet can be and they get those thoughts by reading these types of stories. Something must have happened in the childhoods of these men and even women who stalk young teens on the internet because no normal person is lonely enough to resort to things like this. This relates to the world because companies that sell things that use the internet get effected when more of these stories happen and their profit goes down. This relates to my community because when parents find out that there is someone stalking teenagers then those parents are way more cautious to let their kids do things. And fortunately this doesn't relate to me other than I think online predators didn't enough love from their parents when they were kids.

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