Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Who Ya Gonna Call" by Karl Fisch is just another example on how technology is helping us in our daily lives. This article says that a business teacher from our own Arapahoe Highschool, Caroline Orf, used Facebook to find a man who she went to college with. This man has started a few companies and she wanted him to talk to her class about entrepreneurship and starting businesses. But this man is not going to be in the class, he is going to skype into the class through the computer which is just another way Mrs. Orf is using technology in this situation. I think many more teachers and students should be using technology in a productive way like this one.

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  1. Yeah it's pretty insane if you think about what that teacher is doing. Years ago the technology was so unheard of, but now it's really broadened out and is global. When you say "students should be using technology in a productive way...", what do you describe productive as?