Tuesday, October 6, 2009


“Keyboard vs. Pen?” by C. Odonnel asks the question about which is better to use, keyboard or pen? The article says that using pen and paper is faster than keyboard and computer. I do believe that writing with a pen and paper is a faster way of writing but it is not more efficient than a keyboard and computer. For example if somebody makes a mistake with pen a paper, they either have to start over or leave a bad scribble mark. However, if you make a mistake with a computer, it either fixes it right away or it shows you that it is wrong and you can easily fix it. Also, kids won’t have the excuse of my dog ate my homework or showing up to class with a crumpled paper because they can print the paper off in class and hand it to the teacher with no problem.


  1. Hey there I'm Dan (your mentor). Yeah computers definitely are more efficient, but my question to you is: which tool produces the more quality content? In other words, do you write better with a computer or with a pen?

  2. Hi, I'm your other mentor, Danielle. I also agree that computers can be amazing when it comes time do write an assignment. But which is better in the long run? The grammar errors are always fixed for you on a computer. Is that helpful, or does it hurt you in the long run because you may become dependent on that?